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New Plan of Organization

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This is what the Elders are considering for our plan of organization. When the Elders are finished with this plan, the congregation will be asked to amend our current by-laws to reflect this plan of organization. It will be an agenda item at a congregational meeting.

The Council of Elders:

Responsible for the vision, mission, faith statements, and core values of the congregation. Also responsible for appointing deacon team leaders and finally, responsible for Shepherding Groups of the Church. 

Deacon Team 1 - Administrative Team:

This team will manage the budget and finances and property concerns of the church and will see that the plans of the Worship, Discipleship Team, and Outreach and Witness Team are in accord with the vision, mission, faith statements, and core values set by the Council of Elders. 

Deacon Team 2 - Discipleship Team:

This team will attend to all things pertaining to growing the members of the community in faith and witness. This group will be particularly concerned with how we nurture our children and youth and will plan for Adult discipleship growth and nurture. 

Deacon Team 3 - Outreach & Witness Team:

This team will plan for outreach and evangelistic witness. It will encourage the members of the community to witness to others the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Deacon Team 4 - Worship Team:

This team is responsible for the worship life of the church. All Sunday worship and other worship events, including special days and holidays will be developed and put into action by this team. This team is also responsible for all leadership needed for worship events. Order of worship and other worship details will be determined by this team. 

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