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We are a church led by our Elders. "Elder" is a Biblical term for church leadership.


 The Elders of First Christian Church:

Sam Sonnenberg - Chair

Lynn Lovell

Chris Merkl

Gene Russell - President of the Congregation

Nena Russell

Julie Sonnenberg

Tim Sonnenberg

Mark Pelton

Sandy VanDusen

Discover the Disciples


Reverend Lew Champ

Linda and I have been at FCC for nine years and we love the church, the people and the town.


I am a graduate of Phillips University and Phillips Theological Seminary in Oklahoma.  I have served churches in Oklahoma, Texas, Nebraska and Colorado.  After 40 + years in ministry I have come back to my roots.  I served urban congregations but grew up on a farm and in a rural setting.  I feel like I came home again after all these years when I returned to my rural roots in Sterling.  Thank you people of FCC.  You are a generous and loving people and you have made Linda and I part of the family.

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